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Huangyan Juxing Mould Factory is located in Huangyan Zhejiang, which is named as ”China Mould Town”. Juxing is an expert in design and manufacturer all kinds of high-accuracy plastic mould, especially specialized in manufacturing commodity mould, battery container mould, large sized plastic mould, die casting mould and large sized plastic injection mould.

Juxing Mould had accumulated over 10 years experience in Plastic mould making. We focus on the global markets. We can produce from small precision moulds to large auto parts moulds.Including Plastic table mould, Plastic chair mould,Plastic stool mould,Plastic basin mould,Turnover box mould,Plastic basket mould,Storage Box mould,Garbage bin mould,Plastic bucket mould...In Juxing, your product will be through effective project management that will reduce the costs and let your products show on the market in the shortest time.

We have many years of experience of producing plastic mould. With a complete in-house service from mould design through to mould testing, we are your premier choice in China plastic mould maker. We are managed by a professional staff with full technology and many years of experience. We have many first-class equipment, such as CNC,EDM, Engraving Machine, Wire-cut Machine etc. We use the latest CAD/CAE/CAM, it not only ensure the mould quality but also raise the efficiency.

Our Principle: product quality ensures the survival and development of the enterprise.
Sincerely welcome to visit our factory.

Until now, we have set up business cooperation with companies worldwide, export Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan, korea,etc.

we are your premier choice in China plastic mould maker.

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